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Anti-Reflective (AR) lenses incorporate a special finish, that is ionically bonded on both sides of the lens, to virtually eliminate discomforting glare and reflections. This is the same type of technology used on fine camera lenses. This allows the wearer to enjoy a clearer and sharper visual experience.  Improved night vision, especially when driving or watching movies, is another terrific benefit. Avid computer users will also enjoy clearer glare free vision and reduced eye strain while using prescription AR lenses. The increase in light transmission through your lenses will make your eyes look more natural as well.  The AR lenses have improved greatly over the years. The newest generation of AR lenses are more durable and incorporate an easy-to-clean finish.  Some of the lenses that are offered at London Optical are actually manufactured by the camera companies such as Pentax, Seiko and Kodak!

          Some cleaning tips for your AR lenses:

  • Clean lenses daily with AR cleaning solution, or liquid dish detergent and warm water (avoid soaps with lotions or softeners to prevent streaking).
  • Dry lenses with a soft, clean cloth or towel.
  • Use a clean lens cloth to remove smudges.
  • Periodically wash your lens cloth, but do not use fabric softener.
  • Avoid leaving your eyeglasses in excessive heat or cold, such as in your car.
  • All lenses, with or without an AR finish, may be damaged when exposed to hairspray or household spray cleaners, which may contain ammonia.

Stop in to London Optical for a free demonstration and brochure on AR lenses. We not only recommend AR lenses, we wear them too!

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