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Drivewear lenses are a combination of two advanced technologies: polarization and Transitions brand photochromatics. After years of development, these two technologies have been combined resulting in the ultimate lens for driving. 

The result is an advanced polarized lens that effectively eliminates road glare, and that adjusts to the varying sunlight inside the car as well as outside.  100% UV A and UV B protection, as well as a durable scratch resistent finish come standard. Drivewear lenses are available in distance lenses, bifocal, and now progressive.

Drivewear lenses represent the highest utilization of technology of any lens ever introduced into the optical industry.  It's so advanced that multiple patents have been filed for this innovatative invention!

So what color are Drivewear lenses?

On overcast days the Drivewear lens color is a light green, which enhances contrast and removes road glare. When your driving in sunny daylight conditions, the lenses change to a warm copper brown polarized tint.  Maximum darkness is achieved when your outside in bright sun. The warm brown polarized tint is sure to please even the most light sensitive wearers. If a good part of your day includes driving a car or a boat, drivewear lenses will offer you the  most superb visual comfort. 

Stop in our office for a free demonstration and brochure. Also visit www.drivewearlens.com for more exciting facts and details about Drivewear lenses!

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